The Versatile Blogger Award

Hey guys! I know this post will be kinda long but I swear it will be worth it. Quickly a huge THANK YOU to my bestie Winnie from Its Just Winnie for nominating me for this award! Its always lovely when someone enjoys reading your blog! Make sure you check her fab fab fab lifestyle blog too, just click on her blog name or click here !

Sooooooo taking inspiration from Winnie, heres my 7 Facts about me:

Ever since I was little I've always wanted to be an Actress. 

The fact that I loved dreaming and playing with toys was a big giveaway that I had a passion for performing and exploring different people's lives which did help alot. Luckily, now I have an Agent and got my first acting job doing voiceover work for Warner Bros for a new disney film which will be released 2016 which will be epic.

I'm currently studying a Journalism degree. 

My second career choice. Organising VIP events and presenting would is also dream job...I've done a few work experiences with that too and got to interview British singer/song writer Misha B and Krept & Konan.

I've known Winne from Its Just Winnie since I was 5 years old

and we've been close ever since! We've definitely had a lot of similar interests with Michael Jackson and barbie dolls and now blogging lool. So lucky to know her. She's gonna kill me posting  some of these pictures looool just kidding.

I'm half Congolese and Angolan

but I was born and raised in London with me 3 sisters and 1 brother. I can speak the traditional language from D.R.C Congo 'Lingala'.

My Birthday is 2 days after New Years Day

It can be a blessing and a curse to have a birthday on this day. Its still the festive season which is great but its ridicously cold :/

My Favourite film of all time is

Coming to America. Funniest. Ish. Ever

Rules for Nominees: Accept the award//Include blogger link//select up to 15 blogs//share 7 facts about you//

The wonderful nominees will be updated with links below very soon. In the mean time, if you enjoyed this, let me know below !! xxx


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  1. OMG !! Nat you've done a great job Xxo
    You have to send me that picture that 2014 one in the right corner.
    Love you bestiiiieeee
    Loads of kisses mmwwaahh Xxx


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