BEACH HOLIDAY (part 1): Algarve, Portugal

Dress (1st picture) : New Look
          Sunglasses: Primark
        Stripy playsuit: New Look

Hey! I hope you  enjoyed your easter break!

Even though dating and meeting with friends are all fun, sometimes it feels good to take time off and just concentrate on yourself and the beauty of life in general. My trip to portugal definitely helped me to rewind and just CHILL lol. So thankfully I traveled to the beach of Algarve in Portugal with my sister last week and honestly, it was so peaceful and the people there were very friendly.

I've got like a million pictures, videos and stories that I wish I could share all of them with you but I'll leave that for another time lol! But I will have upcoming posts and videos on my trip to Portugal so stay tuned!

For the meantime, what has been your favourite holiday so far? Let me know below! Thanks for reading! xx

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