National Social Media Awards 2022

*Pictured: Natalie Da Silva and BBC Apprentice star and Presenter Kayode Damali. Photos by @mrghostrain6*

The National Social Media Awards 2022 was in full swing with hundreds of brands, creatives, influencers and  business owners attending this years highly anticipated event held at Proud Cabaret. NSMA, which is currently in its 2nd year,  was about recognising and celebrating the achievements  of those in the world of social media.

With performances from Jas Douglas and Lika Osipova  along with nominees and VIP guests, it was a highly buzzed evening and there's no doubt that most attendees had a memorable night. Speaking to BBC Appreciate star and presenter Kayode Damali (pictured above) on the red carpet, he mentioned how social media has progressed in many ways since his student days..."for me I remember the first tine when I used social media when I was a student to get elected as Vice President of my Student's Union, and at the time we only had Facebook so I went ham on Facebook!"

Many other guests expressed how much social media had played a part on how much 'easier' it was to promote their careers, no matter the profession and in more ways has had a 'positive' impact. Much more was said from many other VIP guests so stay tuned as the official interviews from the NSMA red carpet will be be released 4th November 2022.

In the meantime, check out the red carpet interviews below and for more updates on NSMA 2022, head over to their official instagram here!



BFI London Film Festival: Empire of Light Film premiere


The BFI London Film Festival was in full swing and across London, many events were held in honour of the film industry featuring UK talent across the board.

I had the amazing opportunity to attend there Empire of Light UK premiere and it was actually my first time ever attending a red carpet for BFI! Many actors, directors and screenwriters were in attendance and the full Empire of Light cast came along with the likes of Olivia Coleman and Michael Ward. Even though there were hundreds of guests,  getting to the event, walking the red carpet and taking our seats was smooth sailing. 

The film itself was a slow burner, set in the 80s and directed by Academy Award winning, Sam Mendes. Without revealing too much here, check out the synopsis on the official IMBD page!

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