O, So Vintage...

                                                                                                     Outfit above: Designer

Hiya! Its been a while since I blogged as you may have noticed -but I've been so stressed out! Coursework here, homework there and social life out of the window. I thought I would take time out to share my outfit of the day. The first outfit is a shirt that my sister gave to me and a bow which was on a dress that I don't wear anymore. The second outfit is actually designer ! NO LIE! I'ts by Jean Paul Gaulteir, a french couture designer. The outfit is a one - arm suit, and from the 80's. It was my mum's.

I don't usually do OOTD's, mainly because I don't have the right clothes or the right camera to take it on. Don't get me wrong, I love cool, quirky and old-school clothes. In fact, I'm obsessed with the olden days! Like in 1950's - they way they would match their outfits was so effortless and sheek. the 80's was all about the bright, bold and manic clothing. The trends nowadays is basically a mix-and-match of fashion eras. You could wear bright coloured tights and a big white fur coat,  no one would actually care! (apart from those street style spotters, obviously).

 Hope you enjoyed my black and white pics! Just call me Cameo :P



Student Film 'Sleep Tight'

Password: student

Hi again! Just thought I would upload a 'mini thriller' film opening that I have been working on in my group. As I'm doing A level Media Studies, we got the opportunity to shoot our own thriller opening. It was sooo much fun shooting it and I'm so glad I got to work with an amazing group. As we were all girls, we came up with the Idea of a girly-sleep over, the sort of films you will get in American films (which I love). I love acting, so it was extra special putting my acting skills on camera. This was last years work, right now, we are shooting a music video, which should be fun. I'm gonna miss the girls I worked with, and had a really great time. As they say, everything In life comes to an end :'(.

P.S I'm the one with the red PJ's 

Hope you enjoy the film! And have a great week!


B.o.B Interview with 105.7: He answers my question!


OMG! I had the lucky chance to get my question answered by the Strange Clouds singer B.o.B when he was interviewd at 105.7 Hit Music Now in Atlanta. The launch of his second album Strange Clouds is a growing success with tracks that will suit anyone from hardcore Hip Hop to Alternative Pop. Skip to 06:30 to watch the Q & A session and to see what I said!! *Dances*

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