Screen Nation: Digital i.S. Media Awards

Hey guys, hope you are well!

What better way to end 2015 than to end it with a bang! I was lucky enough to be invited down to MayFair Hotel, based in central London, to present the award winning Screen Nation: Digital I.S. Media Awards ceremony for Africax5.tv. This event honours and showcases the best work in black British & international media.

From Actors to Directors and Bloggers, the venue was filled with creatives celebrating the diverse talents of our generation. I even managed to interview X Factor group Rough Copy, Actor and Comedian T-Boy and YouTube star Shirley B. Eniang.

Proving that accepting the Honorary Digital Vanguard Award from Screen Nation was overwhelming,  Tolulope 'T-boy' Ogunmefun told me, "winning this award shows that my hard work has not gone on un noticed" and that "it also shows that putting hard work in whatever you do, you get great results".

Not long after, the Screen Nation  Christmas after party took place.... let's just say I had to take my heels off ! To watch the video of the Screen Nations Awards night click here.




'Pelo Malo' by Jennifer Kaplan: Photoshoot

Image by Jennifer Kaplan Photography 
Image by Jennifer Kaplan Photography 

Behind the scenes of the 'Pelo Malo' photoshoot

Hey guys! Hope you've all been good.

So a quick update on what I've been up to these past weeks. I had an amazing opportunity to be part of a hair portrait project which was a photoshoot with Jennifer Kaplan from Jennifer Kaplan Photography. Its not everyday you get a photographer come up to you and ask you to be part of their project so that really was cool!

Her project is really true to her roots and explores the origins of curly/afro caribbean hair type and how is seen in Latin America. She explains the meaning behind her project 'Pelo Malo' in detail on her website, so be sure to click here if your interested in finding more about her and projects!

The photoshoot at her studio was really cool, nice and quick and what better way to end summer on. And just to quote, yes I do have clothes on! lol.




Weekend in Manchester: Wedding

Hey guys!

Before I continue, apologies for being away from blogger for so long, I have so many exciting things to share with you so keep checking back here!

So heres a few pics from my weekend in Manchester! I was there with my family as my auntie, (who's not pictured on the blog by the way), got married! It was an small Angolan style wedding but still very traditional.

I stayed in hotel really close to the church, which I must really did feel like home. Breakfast was sooo good too. It really did make me get ready for the wedding that much better. Thankfully it was a very sunny weekend because you know London whether is  really unpredictable.

What do you guys think of the look? & Have you been to manchester before? Let me know! xx

   Earrings | Monsoon, Accessorize
      Shirt | SheIn
Trousers | SheIn
        Shoes | Boohoo



How to: Accessorise with your outfits!

Hey guys! Hope you've been great.

So seeming as its officially summer, i thought it would be cool to do ways which I style my outfits for different occasions. Usually, I'm not a accessory kind of person but when it comes to having a complete look I realised how important it is! Accessorises work best when on a plain outfit.

Sooo I put together three of my favourite accessorises looks and I will be sure to you show you how I add these to my outfits so stay tuned for the look book that will be in How to: Accessorise with your outfits! (Part 2)!

Which collection is you favourite? Let me know below! x

Look 1
 Bag  | New Look
Shoes | Boohoo
Glasses | Firmoo 
Bowler | Ebay

Look 2
Boots | Ebay
Gold Belt | Ebay
Sunglasses |  Primark
Earings | Thrift

Look 3
Bag | Thrift
Shoes | Thrift
Jewellery | Gift


How Would You Wear: Floral Prints

Back again with How Would You Wear...! Wearing this very bright and crazy thirfted floral outfit hopefully would put you in a good mood. Inspired by the 80s, I think I've pulled of this crazy summer look...hope you like it!

This is probably the shortest blog post in history, just having one of those days when you just don't feel like yourself and blahh.  Hopefully better days to come :)

Also check out these beautiful ladies that took part in this challenge...links are below! xx

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Day out in London: Westfield, Stratford

Hey guys!

We have been really lucky to be getting warm weather recently  in London since 80% of the time is either raining or cloudy. So I thought why not show abit of where I live!

I went shopping at Westfeild with my sisters as I was dangerously in need of summer clothes and shoes lol. I was looking for something bright, bold and colourful to add to my wardrobe...I'm really into funky/edgy patterns and bright colours and in Westfield there is always a clothing store that will suit what you're looking for. LOVE the bikini top and the headbands pictured above. I'll probably be doing outfit post on them too so stay tuned for that! In the mean time let me know what you think of these items that i have pictured :)

Speak soon! x



How Would You Wear: Denim

Hey Guys! Hope you've had a great week.

So, I'm back with another round of How Would You Wear series hosted by the lovely Diane from DeeVine Anonyme and there was a choice between printed pants and Denim so I went for Denim! I love how Denim goes with anything so I thought pairing Denim trousers with a Denim shirt and retro sunglasses would give it that old school kinda look. 

I'm just realising I said Denim about 10 times already...awkward ahah. Links to the other lovely bloggers are below so make sure you check them out! x

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Multi Coloured Hair!

Hey guys! Soooo yes as you can tell from the title of this post, my hair is multi coloured! I wasn't even expecting my hair to come out the way it did, funnily enough but let me tell you what happened.

So since summer is creeping around the corner , I thought I might aswell give myself a head start and experiment with a bright colour. I was thinking I had it all under control but boy was I wrong. I originally wanted my hair to be dark purple but that didn't work out lol

I bleached my hair first, then added the Hot Purple hair dye from Crazy Colour and left it for an hour. After that, I realised that the hair dye didn't show as much as I wanted it to...so then I added the colour Violette from Crazy Colour.

After another hour, the colours changed quite alot! I saw blue highlights, blonde and green! I was freaking out but after I blow dried and added some conditioning oil, it turned out pretty cool.  I do love how there are so many colours to choose from. IMPORTANT: Make sure you follow the hair instructions in the hair dye bottle though!

What do you guys think? Have you had any hair troubles? Let me know! xx



Little Black Boots

Let me introduce you to my babies lol. These are my fave shoes I got from New Look back when I used to work there about a month ago. I found these perfect for the Spring/Summer season as it never get super hot in London so it would be a perfect wear....not to mention how extremely comfortable they are. If your not really a high-heel kinda girl, then having these boots are the perfect alternative.

What do you think? Let me know! x



How Would You Wear: Monochrome

Hey Guys! 

So its another round of How Would You Wear collaboration ! This month its the monochrome...which I love. You can never go wrong with monochrome hun.

Ive been wearing this baseball jacket for like everyday now...ok not every single day but you get what I mean haha, especially when the weather is so unpredictable right now in London.  Oooohh and check out my boots...cute right? They are really comfortable to walk in...after about an hour and then you gotta take them off cause it gets tiring walking around in them. 

I'm rambling sorry! Don't forget to stop by at the other gorgeous bloggers who took part in this months collaborations...links are below! xx

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Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Blouse | Sheinside 
Coat | Misguided 

Hey guys!

How cool are these art work right? When I was walking about in London Bridge and Waterloo, i just had to take a picture. It really did remind me of Fresh Prince of Bel Air ( for those who don't know what that is google it! lol) it really gives that 80s vibes that Im obsessed with. Shout out to my sis for taking these pics!

Firmoo kindly sent these glasses and I was really inspired to do an 80s theme post. The detailing and the shape around the glasses were exactly what I was looking for in going down that 'old school vide' look . As these are non -prescription glasses, it is marked on the lens with writing-  the prescription glasses are clear.

To see more fashion an prescription glasses , check out their website www.firmoo.com.

What do you think of these glasses? Let me know ! xx 
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