Livin' in the 80s

Hey people! I hope you all are enjoying the New Year so far.

Well what can I say, this was one of my fav shoots that I've done with Florence Akano Photography in East London. I'm so inspired by the 80's/90's era so thought I'd pay tribute with this post! Every time I walk through Brick Lane or generally in East London, I always spot so many artists' work on the walls, its truly amazing to see. Its the perfect spot for photography.

Have you made any plans for this year? I have quite a few things I want to accomplish; the first thing on the list is travelling! I will be jetting off to a truly breathtaking country soon so of course I will keep you posted!

Take care xx 


Birthday Celebration

Happy New Year!

These few weeks have been full of family gathering and parties so what great way to start the year with a birthday celebration! I turned 22 today and spent my night in a Arabian/Lebanese restaurant in the heart of London,with amazing belly dancers and traditional Lebanese food. To get a glimpse of the night, you can watch my video here.

This year is all about trying new things and making as many memories as possible. Whats your plans?

Until next time xx

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