Daniel Wellington Watch

Coat | Missguided 
Top | New look
Hat | Home made

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday period. It is freeeezing here in London, so what better way than to wrap up with a russian hat and faux fur coat and of course the watch!

This gorgeous watch i'm wearing is from Daniel Wellington. Usually, I don't wear watches but I think in particular  this watch goes so well with my outfit. As its black and gold, I can literally wear it with anything. I love the sparkle detail inside the watch as it just adds a classic and simple touch.  Its a perfect gift for anyone who loves attention to detail things. 

Like what you see? Then head over to www.danielwellington.com/uk for more designs to suit your needs...and thats not all! You can also get a 15% off all watches from Daniel Wellington  if you enter the discount code holidaycameo until the 15th Janruary 2015Happy shopping!

Also, just a special thank you to everyone who has viewed and commented on my blog throughout the year! Its been amazing reading your lovely blogs and comments. I hope that my blog will continue to interest you and Happy New Year! xxxx



How Would You Wear: Fall Colours

Coat | Missguided 
Jumper | Primark
Trousers | Thrift Shop
Boots | Ebay

Hi again!

Time flies doesn't it? Its almost the end of the year and i've got alot of things to look forward to. Showcases to do, parties to go to...don't worry though I will keep you you to date with whats happening!

So, I was excited to do this post as it was Diane's (from DeeVine Anonyme) monthly collaboration challenge with the theme being Fall/Autumn colours. Now when I think of Fall/ Autumn, I think of darkish colours like brown, mustard, blacks and it couldn't have been more easier than to wear two colours which will stand out but also go well together. Hope you like it and make sure to check out the other lovely bloggers posts on How Would You Wear | Fall Colours. Links Below! xx

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Last day of October

Coat | Missguided 
Crop top | Thrift shop
High waisted Jeans | Ebay
Chain | Ebay
Creepers | Ebay

Autumn is officially here and to be honest I don't mind wearing that extra layer of clothing. What better way to do an Autumn OOTD than to do it outdoors in the park!

Seeing as it is abit cold here in London, I just had  to purchase a Autumn/ Winter coat. Now when it comes to online shopping I find it sooo hard to buy things cause I am quite picky but I fell in love when I saw this Lena Cocoon Coat from Missguided. When I say it keeps you warm, believe me it keeps you WARM! Its really soft on the outside layer and I think it goes really well with the outfit I'm wearing. Look out for another Autumn outfit post coming at the end of the month.           

What do you think of this look? Would you have styled it differently? Let me know below!         




Viva Canary Islands!

Aztec shorts and Sunglasses from Primark


Well what can I say, it has been a while right? I've missed blogger for a while now but i'll explain why.... 

Last week I was on holiday in Canary Islands, Tenerife. The landscapes and food was amazing! It was my first time going to an Island and nothing compares to it. The islands had alot of English tourists so getting around was definitely not difficult.

I think the fact of me being born and bred in the London city, I tend to forget how beautiful the world can be. One thing i've learnt about my holiday trip is to take some time out from your everyday life, then once you're ready go back better and more determine in whatever you wish to do...and thats exactly what I'm going to do.



Summer Essentials

Products pictured (click to view products):
Paks Vital Face Powder 

Hey guys! Firstly, I would  like to apologise for the lack of blog posts, Its been ages and have really missed blogging. Hope you all are enjoying your summer holidays. I promise to try and blog more regularly, honest. 

Soo, since I did mention its finally summer, I thought why not do a summer essentials makeup range? The make pictured are what I have currently and use anytime I head out, although I'm feeling to add a few more items! 

Also, I will be going on holiday in 4 weeks so I will definitely do some travels posts for you guys!

See you in my next post! xx



Preppy Chic

  So It was a sunny day in London! That is VERY rare, so of course I had to take the opportunity and do an outfit post for you guys. This look is inspired by vintage preppy chic. 

 I won't ramble too much on this post, hope you like this look and see you in my next post! 




Alter Ego 2014!

                 Singer/ Songwriter / Rapper Misha B: Check out my interview with her below!
All the images above are taken by Agenda ©

Its that time of year again!

Alter Ego Talent Show was in full bloom at Hackney Empire as fresh new talent took centre stage to showcase their special talent to compete for a grand prize.

From body poppers to soulful singers, the show was filled with hundreds of guests who cheered on the performers and had the opportunity to vote this years Alter Ego winner. Special guests included Misha B and J Spades who also braced the stage with their popular anthems. After a fun filled evening, Di Andre was announced winner of Alter Ego 2014!

The excitement didn't stop there. Alongside Hackney Insiders reporting team, the backstage action was also in full swing where interviews took place and the celebration continued with the special guests and runner ups of Alter Ego.

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