California Highlights: Malibu & Hollywood walk of fame

Malibu Beach

After about 40 minutes drive on the motorway from Hollywood, Malibu Beach was the next destination! It was a really peaceful town; literally it was Sun, Sea and Beach.

Santa Monica is another beautiful area in California and was not too far off from Malibu. Visiting the amusement park was a lovely way to end the day after all the driving and walking around. This is definitely the place to visit if you're into arcade games and fun fair vibes. You do have to pay a fee to get in but its all worth it, wether you're with a group of friends, family or a date!

Now I have ALWAYS wanted to experience high school in the US so I loved bumping into Hollywood High School in Hollywood! Of course this school specialised in performing arts and we did see a mini band at the front gates.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

DREAM COME TRUE! Now for so so long, I had always wanted to see the King of Pop's Hollywood star. The struggle was real to try and locate it! We walked up and down the boulevard trying to figure out where it was, not knowing there was two Michael Jackson stars, one who was a radio personality and of course the Kind of Pop. Luckily, a nice man told us exactly where we could find Michael Jackson's star - right outside the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood Boulevard. This will definitely be framed at some point.


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