Hey guys! It's been one heck of a busy month hasn't it?! Award shows, film premieres but I'm loving all these activities! I had a fantastic time attending this years BFI London Film Festival to celebrate the pre release of the upcoming coming film The Kitchen directed by Daniel Kaluuya and Kibwe Tavares and starting Kane 'Kano' Robinson which is set to be released at some point this year. The full star studded cast and cree were in attendance and it felt extra special to be among so many creative people in the entertainment industry! 

For left to right: Daniel Kaluuya, Kane Robinson, Ian Wright 

For those of you who are new to what BFI London Film Festival is, the event typically takes place over a period of about two weeks in October and features a diverse selection of films from various genres and countries. It showcases a wide range of international and British films, including both feature-length and short films, documentaries, and other cinematic works. The festival provides a platform for emerging filmmakers and established directors to present their work to a global audience and often serves as a launchpad for many films that go on to receive critical acclaim and recognition in the industry.

The cast and crew of The Kitchen

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Golden Lion Awards 2023

Photo credit: Photography by Zee

Hey! It's been a while but I'm back with some exciting news... I covered the red carpet at the Golden Lion Awards! I was super excited (and a bit nervous) to get back out in the events 'scene' but boy did I enjoy myself. Speaking to so many talented people from actors to artists, it truly felt like a celebration of the community. The Charles Golden Trust hosted this years awards to "reward people, groups, brands and organisations across the UK, who have gone on to do amazing things and have inspired excellence". 

Many times, people with inspiring platforms that promote positivity go under the radar and don't get the recognition they deserve. So, the Golden Lion Awards champions these individuals to give them that platform and network to create an even stronger community of like minded people and I had the pleasure of speaking with them all!

Speaking with TV personality Kéllé Bryan. Photo by Photography by Zee

Speaking with Kayas Irshad, Actor, Producer & Director. Watch his doccumentary 'Stop The Bullying'

Speaking with Anuska from urban pop band RARA LOUD.

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Join me for PART 2 of my solo trip to Korea as I go on a 'history' tour and explore one of the most popular tourist attractions in Korea - the Gyeongbokgung Palace! I also took a leap of faith and practiced speaking Korean while shopping!



SOLO TRIP TO KOREA (travel vlog)


Join me as I take leap of faith and travel SOLO for the very first time to SOUTH KOREA! There's a lot to unpack so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!





What an unforgettable bank holiday I had! 

Beyoncé kicked off her highly anticipated  Renaissance World Tour in London at the Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium on May 29th, with thousands of BeyHives in attendance. This was by far the BEST concert I've been to and  I can do it all again. 

We arrived at the stadium at 4pm and lucky for us (us meaning me and my sisters), we had seated tickets so we didn't need to worry about getting in super early. After the queue opened at 5pm, we took some pictures, got some food... you would think there would be a huge rush but it was by far the most relaxed
I've been when arriving at a concert.

Once we finally got to our seats, the stadium was filling up fast, and to our surprise, JAY Z,  Naomi Campbell,  Kris Jenner and  Damson Idris all made an appearance in the VIP section!

Beyoncé started the show at 7:45pm, bang on time by the way,  exploding the stage with amazing visuals, vocals and va va voom! Not only did she grace the stage with her songs from the Renaissance album but she took us down memory lane with some of her older hits; it really was a celebration of her music.

The whole show felt like one hype, unforgettable party at a club and I can happily say that I have FINALLY seen Beyonce perform - yay!

Check out the vlog below!



GIRLS TRIP TO GREECE highlights + travel vlog

Hey guys! You know its been a minute since I've travelled so I'm excited to share my first EVER girls trip! I've travelled a lot with family but there is always a different vibe when you travel with friends. I must say that this is probably the first trip I've been on where someone else has taken on the role as the organiser of the group and it felt great! From the plane ride to the journey to our hotel, everything ran smoothly. 

First and foremost, the people in Rhodes, Greece were super friendly and welcoming. Luckily for us, the only crowds we saw were only at the resort but everywhere else was pretty much empty. As it was April, the weather was not terrible but it definitely could have been better! It did rain a little but I'm really glad we still managed to get some sunshine and a taste of what summer feels like - it been so long since we've seen that! (UK people can relate!).

As glamorous as a girls trip sounds, it's so important travel with friends who you really get on with and ones that are on similar vibes to you. I think because of that, it really made my trip so much more fun and exciting.

Before even coming to Greece, my travel buddies were on the same page and we all agreed that we just needed a nice chilled holiday. No wild nights out, no crazy excursions, just pure vibes. This was so important to us as we had just come from a busy work schedule so the last thing we wanted was a jammed packed holiday. So if you're thinking to come to Rhodes this year, it definitely will be great to come during summer and with loved ones or even solo! ;)

I hope you enjoy the rest of the 'behind-the-scenes' pictures of my holiday!

Holiday Spa Message, Evita Resort Hotel.
 Nudist Beach

 Old Town, Rhodes

Watch the Girls Trip To Greece Travel Vlog here 





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This year of film is definitely going to be worth the indulgence, with the likes of classic childhood stories coming into live action and long running franchises making a huge comeback. With very high expectations from these films to make a huge profit in the box office, I put my 2 cents into the selected films on why I will be watching. 

The Little Mermaid (UK release 26 May)

If you were like me and had a whole collection of Disney books  as a young child, then you would know the Little Mermaid was most likely on your top 5. Even though the story is well known, having a well established artist such as Halle Bailey to play the iconic character Ariel is a perfect fit. Her voice is sweet and heavenly and bears the likeness of a supernatural being. In my checklist,  that's ticks across the board. Am I interested in seeing some kind of plot twist or and added storyline that's a little different to original story? Sure, why not. Either way, I'm going to be keeping my eyes peeled. 

Fast X (UK release 19 May)

10 films in and the Fast and Furious franchise has finally reached its benchmark. High expectations and an all star cast is definitely set to shake the film industry by storm. The real question is, has the Fast and Furious just opened a door for the next collections of films or does this mark the end of such a successful run? The only way to find out is by watching and I sure will be doing that. 

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (UK release 2 June)

Another iconic and extremely recognisable character that will surely be a success upon release date. It has definitely been impressive on how Spider-Man has been kept alive and relevant with so many twists and turns. This character deserves all kinds of praise. With there being no rules, its exciting to hear that this film will span across universes with different versions of Spider-Man and how all of their paths will crossover with one another. Sound complicted? It sure does but what  better way to see this unpack than in the cinema!

Barbie (UK release 21 July)

Now when I got the news Barbie was being developed into a film, this 100% caught my attention. I had so many questions, who will be playing this statement character? How will it transfer to the big screen? What will the storyline be and will it meet or exceed our expectations? Luckily I won't have to wait too long as its official realise will be this summer. There were many press stories films taking place published all over the press so we did get little insight of what the film will 'look' like. However, guilty pleasure an all, I will be checkin' it out and yes, I'm excited. 

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