My Birthday celebration + New Beginnings

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Happy New Year guys! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays with loved ones.

Personally I feel like the The New Year is a great way to start a fresh and to make some new goals that you would like to accomplish this year. I know for a fact there are so many things I would love to do this year and will definitely keep a positive outlook in how things will unfold!

To be honest 2017 wasn't exactly a 'really great' year and not just personally speaking but also the  shocking events that was going on around the world. On a brighter note, I was happy that I got to do alot of travelling and make some moves in my journalism career.  I'm feeling positive about this year and I pray that this year turns out exciting.

But back to the post, I definitely did enjoy some time to wind down and relax before the new year kicked off AND I also celebrated my birthday! So a lot of celebrations went on for me during the holidays lol.

Short post but wishing you all a blessed new year and as always thank you all for your lovely comments on my blog and social medias pages -stay tuned for ALOT more content on my blog!


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