Hope you all had a great start to the year! I feel like a lot of people had high hopes for this year and that's always nice to hear that a fresh start is what we all need.

I celebrated my birthday during the New Year period and had such a great night! I decided to do a photoshoot and head down to West End (which for those who don't know is Londons district of popular musical theatre shows...very similar to Broadway in the US) and I watch TINA  - The Tina  Turner the musical!

I would easily give the musical 5 stars! ⭐️ 🤩 I enjoyed every moment of it and loved the high energy of the performances! I feel like they showed a lovely balance of some of the struggles Tina Tuner faced whilst she was doing up in the music industry but also some highlights that showed her magic when she was on stage - I honestly felt like I was in the concert during the 70s and 80s! Thats one thing I said to myself is that I will definitely got to see another musical.

To see all the other activities I got up to, check out my new YouTube video below - I definitely will make more of an effort to upload regularly. Aldo don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! Until next time xx

Hey guys!

Hope you've all been well. Sooo Its coming towards the end of the year and It definitely feels like the busiest!

With the festive season well and truly underway, its all about faux fur, thigh high boots and thick dresses in the world of fashion! Christmas party dresses are so popular at this time of year and they are not just your standard typical sequins dresses - Femme Luxe definitely have a variety of style that are great for this time of year.

I feel like I've been posting so much fashion content but I will definitely get content from from travel events and lifestyle updated too! There may also be a a few upgrade made to this blog so watch this space! x

Hey guys! So it was awards night and what better way to get ready is wearing Femme Luxes co-ord piece from their range! I was genuinely surprised how comfortable the co-ord felt against my skin, and that's super important especially after a long night!

But on to the actual event, I was invited to present at the Black Women In Business Awards which celebrates Black women making significant accomplishments in business all over the UK. It was an intimate event held in the very prestigious, 5 star venue The May Fair Hotel and business from Hair, to Beauty, Media and more were all celebrated.

Don't forget to check out the BWB Awards video above!

This Polka Dot - Parisian style dress  from Femme Luxe was fun to wear! I hardly wear hats but this beret hat was too cute to pass. It's always fun playing with different styles and colours as you all know thats one thing I LOVE doing...wearing and experimenting with colour!

I got lucky with this shoot as it was still warm and sunny! However, I think its safe to say that its time to pull out the winter coats and boots as Autumn is well and truly here!

Dress | Femme Luxe
Shoes | Boohoo
Beret | Ebay

Hey guys!

So it's that time of year again and I'm such a fan of Jumper dresses from Femme Luxe. Surprisingly, its still warm so you can imagine how hard it is to decide what to wear! Not a long post but just a little something for you guys to check out :)

Hat | Ebay
Heels | Boohoo
Dresses | Femme Luxe

Hope you guys have been good!

I have such a huge fetish for faux animal print especially the one i'm wearing from Femme Luxe ! Its just one of those things that will always come back to fashion. I remember faux animal print being really popular during the late 90's and early 2000's and I think it hasn't left since so its always a good idea to keep all those faux animal prints in the cupboard. 

This outfit definitely gave me 90s vibe and you guys know I'm a sucker for vintage style clothing so i had allot of fun shooting this look, even though it was crazy hot! What do you think of this style? Let me know!

Photography by | Stylist Pat
Crop Top | Shein
Trousers | Femme Luxe
Shoes | Public Desire


When temperatures are reaching the 30's and 40s here in London, I always find that the best colour to wear is white! This is the time of year were weddings are common, summer parties and events are happening more than usual, so what better way to wear white, than to wear white in style with Femme Luxe?! Aiming for comfort as well as style is always important to me, so having this white dress from Femme Luxe was definitely a bonus!

Shop more dresses here! x

Photography by |  Pat Lyttle
Dress | Femme Luxe

Japan is officially one of my favourite cities in the world! Check out my experiences and all the things I got up to as I traveled to JAPAN for the first time! Don't forget to subscribe! :) x


I'm super excited to be sharing my trip to Japan! Its been one of those cities I've always wanted to visit as long as I can remember so it really is a dream come true.

Now this particular place was probably one of the coolest cafes I've ever been too! Kawaii Monster Cafe was full of  bright funky colours and the decor was like something out of a movie. It really was like escaping reality and entering something out of this world. 

The hosts in the cafe were super welcoming and escorted us to a table - not to mention the dancers were soooo cute! They loved my pink and neon ensemble , actually a lot of people did in the cafe! 

Now lets talk about the menu... very interesting! I can confidently say it really did taste as good as it looked. I love how the food was just a colourful as everything else - you can tell just how much effort goes into creating that experience and genuinely enjoying great food and performances from the dancers. So if you're looking for somewhere thats out of the ordinary Kawaii Monster Cafe is the place to be!

Stay tuned for more adventures in Japan !
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