The first edition of the National Social Media Awards was in full swing and it happened in the heart of London. With star studded guests in attendance, I spoke to comedian and entrepreneur Big Narstie, BBC Apprentice star Kayodee and actress Gaia Romilly Wise to name a few! Check out the rest of the interviews from NSMA!
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There is a reason why so many people enjoy traveling. It opens you up to new experiences, pushes you out of your comfort zone, expands your horizons, and is an overall great time. Whether visiting Big Ben in the United Kingdom or the Taj Mahal in India, you have the option to see sights that are only recognisable to you because of the history books you had in high school. 

Now, there is the running joke that almost all of the poisonous animals and spiders are down in Australia, but do not worry too much about that. There are so many things to do in Australia, and be rest assured, those black widow spiders are not looking to interrupt your dinner date or your visit to the beach. So visit Australia! You will have a great time, especially if you consider doing these four activities:

See The Sydney Harbour

The Sydney Harbour is the most iconic spot in Australia due to its awesome beaches and the famous Sydney Opera House. On, the Sydney Harbour is described as, “Sydney Harbour is an aquatic playground for Sydneysiders, with more than 240 kilometres (150 miles) of shoreline, punctuated by unspoiled beaches, picturesque gardens, and pockets of natural bush.” 

Interested yet? Of course you are; Sydney Harbour is a fantastic spot to visit. 

Visit Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

With unique geographical formations, this rare national park is a cool place to visit. From here, you can take guided tours, look at the rock art of past generations, go bird watching, and more. It is a beautiful spot that you would regret not visiting if you ever make the trek to the place down under. 

Melbourne’s Laneways

The Laneways of Melbourne are, in a word, awesome. For example, one of the laneways, named ACDC Lane after the famous rock band, “contain(s) cafés, restaurants and clubs as well as an installation by Lou Weis and Jan Van Schaik called 'Over Logo', and numerous other works of street art.”

What is even cooler about ACDC Lane is that two days after a significant fire in 2008, the laneway hosted an all-ages rock concert among the burned buildings. Talk about cool. 

The only issue with Melbourne’s Laneways is the fact that they are a long while from the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Driving from Melbourne to Uluru is 25 hours away, so you may need to purchase a plane ticket if you plan on visiting both. 

Go On An Adventure Tour

Want to go see some kangaroos and koalas in their natural habitat? Take an adventure tour! You get the opportunity to truly take in the nature of Australia through animals or geographic locations, like the rock at the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. 

For the UK folks, lockdown seems like its coming to an end!

With bars and restaurants opening up, it seems like the perfect time to put together a spring/summer looks to give you gals some ideas on what to wear for the special occasion. Whether it's a birthday party or a  wedding occasion, the bold green blazer works best for that statement look without having to do too much with accessories. A simple heel and small side bag will completely the look. The second preppy look will go perfectly for a daytime brunch with the girls; go the extra mile by wearing vintage sunglasses and or a nostalgia side bag. 

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Check out some of my TV appearances that I have done with YANGA! TV on their talk show NONI where discuss a range of topics affecting our day to day lives. 

Happy New Year!

Booking a holiday is literally one of the most exciting things to do. Knowing that you are going abroad and are going to have a week or two of sheer bliss provides you with something to look forward to and makes you feel happy. And that’s without even mentioning the fun and memorable experience you will have once you are away. 

However, the only difficult part regarding holidays is deciding where to go and what to choose. With so many countries and different holiday types available you can be forgiven for finding the final decision a hard one. 

Nevertheless, one of the most popular types of holidays are safari holidays, and they are something which very few people tend not to enjoy. Therefore, if you are having trouble deciding then why not consider a safari. You could even combine it with another holiday; spend one week in luxury apartments, then head to the likes of South Africa for an adventure.

There are so many reasons as to why South African safaris have become so popular. First and foremost, they are a holiday which can be enjoy by all. There is no age restriction and you can travel alone or book one of many available family safari holidays, the choice is literally yours. If you do choose to go by yourself, then you are guaranteed to meet some fabulous people whilst in South Africa.

In addition to this, the most obvious reason why people choose to go on a safari holiday is to see all the wildlife on display. Seeing animals in their natural habitat is something extremely special and precious to behold and there is no way you will get another experience which comes close. You may be able to see a lion or a giraffe in a zoo, but seeing them in their own environment is a completely different story. If you are an animal lover then you will melt at the sight of all the intriguing wildlife at the reserves.

Another great reason to go on a safari holiday in South Africa is that you will witness the unique culture of the country. South Africa has a deep history and thus it is steeped in rich culture. You will have a unique and fulfilling experience meeting the local people of South Africa and seeing how the communities there live. What’s more, you will get to taste some outstandingly scrumptious foods and delicacies. And the local people are extremely friendly, not once will you feel out of place as they will go to an effort to ensure that you will be made to feel at home.

As you can see there are obviously a whole host of reasons as to why safari holidays provide such a popular choice. Not only are they something that can be enjoyed by all age ranges, but you can either go in a group or on your own, in addition to this you get to witness unique wildlife in their very own environment as well as witness all the culture South Africa has to offer. A safari in South Africa really is the full package and the real deal, what more could you possibly want?

If you love travelling, then it’s likely that you’re willing to try out different methods of travelling around our beautiful world. Going on a road trip is an excellent way of being able to see different parts of the world without having to rely on coaches, planes and boats to take you there. If you’re thinking about taking your first road trip, whether you’re alone or with a loved one, check out these fantastic tips on how to prepare for the ultimate road trip. 

Make a packing checklist

The great thing about a road trip is that you have less packing restrictions than you would if you were flying on an aeroplane with a suitcase. However, if you plan on spending a lot of time in your car - and even sleeping in your car - then it’s important to make sure you’ve got everything you could ever need right there with you in your car. Create a packing checklist to tick off when you’re packing to ensure you’ve got everything.

Drive in comfort

During a road trip you’ll be spending the majority of your time in your car, and you need to be comfortable while doing so! After you’ve had your car serviced to ensure it will last the duration of your road trip, make some changes to your car so that you can drive in complete comfort such as a seat warmer, easy to reach refreshments, and clothes that aren’t going to be uncomfortable while driving. 

If you’re on the lookout for a new car for your road trip, visit your local Range Rover Dealer and browse the range. Range Rovers are made for long distance travelling and would be a great choice if you’re looking for a new car.

Create a playlist

No road trip is complete without music, and since you’ll be travelling between radio frequencies, it’s a good idea to find your own music to listen to. Spend some time creating the ultimate road trip playlists to enjoy. If you’re travelling with a loved one, have them suggest some songs and enjoy belting out classics as you travel around the world.

Plan a route - and know where the best stops are

The beauty of road trips is that you can literally go anywhere you want as long as there is a road to follow. However, having a rough plan on where you’re going is always a good idea to prevent getting yourself completely lost in the middle of nowhere. Research places to stop for refreshments and somewhere to stretch your legs to add more fun to your journey. You may even find interesting activities and sights to see along the way.

Take lots of pictures

Like any vacation, taking pictures is a must so that you can show your family and friends what you’ve seen, and also to appreciate them a few years down the line. Why not take a camcorder along with you to film your experiences and your entire road trip? Most of all, have a blast while doing so!

 Hey guys! I have some exciting news to update you all on. I am part of a new TV programme from BBC Three called 'Is This Coercive Control?'

According to Woman's' Aid organisation, 

'Domestic abuse isn’t always physical. Coercive control is an act or a pattern of acts of assault, threats, humiliation and intimidation or other abuse that is used to harm, punish, or frighten their victim'.

It’s such an important issue to discuss especially coming out of lockdown in some parts of the world. If you’re interested in finding out what this programme is all about, catch the episode on BBC IPlayer now!

*Disclaimer* This programme is only available in the UK.


Check out this important programme here: BBC Three 'Is This Coercive Control?'

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Hey guys! It has been a while but I'm finally back with a new travel tips video. Here I talk all thing s Japan  and some useful tips to know before going to Japan. I'll be covering my experience with the Japanese people, how I uses google maps to get aroun , learning Japanese words and much much more! So if you're interested in things to know before going to Japan, keep watching the video below!

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Can we reboot the year like a laptop that doesn't work? It certainly feels like it. Don't lie; you've probably been wondering the same thing. Wouldn't it be nice to go back in time and make sure that 2020 gets a better start? Unfortunately, there is no off and on button that you can press at will to kickstart 2020 into a fresh new beginning. Time escapes us once more. 
ᴛ̢̟̥͙̙̪̠ͥ̈́͒ͮ͒ᴀ̯̩̦͙ͯᴘ̛̗̟͔͚ͥ͗̓̔̎ͫɪ̶̲̪̮͒̄ͫ̀́̚ᴡ͕̪̲̪̣͒̈̎ͥͅᴀ̠͉̉̂͒̈̎ͬ͝ ̞͙̫ͬ̈́ͤ͐ͥᴍ̷͈̦̄̈͌̔ͮ͛̎ᴀ̦̙͍͓̠̞̪̉̑̂̔ᴢ̧̝̫͂̈́ɪ͚ͪ̆ʙ͉̂ͮ̒ͤ̓̊͝ᴜ̯̮̫̖ͧ̓̈́ͨ͡ᴋ̤͈̼̘͉̊̍̈́̄̃ᴏ͍̒͐͛
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However, that doesn't mean you can't go back in time for a little while and spend a day in your favorite decade. Or perhaps, you're more of a mix and match vintage person? It doesn't matter. We can't move the clock backward, but we can directly bring the past into our day-to-day life. After all, who doesn't like a little vintage to spice up our lives? 

Where should you get your vintage items?
The best oldtimers you can get are those who are preloved. Anybody who still has a few jumpers and t-shirts from their teenage years is in an excellent position to create a playful outfit. An original t-shirt with Baby, Mel B, Mel C, Ginger, and Posh is guaranteed to look stylishly cool. If you didn't keep hold of your old clothes, you've still got a few options in your family. Parents, siblings, and other relatives may have accumulated items they don't like or wear anymore. You could come across some gems, such as a designer's outfit from the 1980s. Old-school clothes have a timeless charm that goes with the iconic design. 

Let accessories tell the story
It's not always practical to keep something from the old days. A 1980s outfit with huge shoulder pads or a quirky 1950s pinup dress may be cute for a day, but it can be tricky to incorporate those into your everyday style. Thankfully, you can fake vintage with smart fashion accessories that stamp date a neutral outfit. A cute little black dress with a pair of cat-eye frames can immediately evoke the glamorous 1960s, even if you've just bought your dress from Topshop. Another great tip is to play with hair accessories that have a vintage feel. Hairpins, for instance, can work well with a pinup outfit. Delicate headbands can bring 1970s freedom or the new romantic edge from the 1990s. You can throw a vintage outfit together using only accessories to highlight an area in time. For 1970s enthusiasts, nothing beats platform clogs and boots. 
Actually, I want to buy vintage clothes
Are you ready to buy a real vintage piece for your wardrobe? In any normal situation, second-hand shops would have been the ideal place to find original garments. However, at a time when COVID-19 remains a risk, it's best to avoid small and quirky shops. These are lovely to explore, but right now, they can struggle to meet the necessary health and safety requirements. Instead, head to the world's biggest vintage store, eBay. The Vintage Clothing section is filled with exciting items, ranging from the late 19th century until the early 2000s. You can even find some handmade outfits up to the late 1970s and beyond. Nothing says vintage like an original maxi prairie dress from Woodstock's days! 
Would vintage-inspired clothes work?
More and more brands are creating modern versions of some of the most iconic vintage outfits. So, if you're not ready to look after an original article, you can fake it with a modernised vintage look. It's advantageous for many reasons! Firstly, you'll find that stretchy fabric can be a lot more comfortable in modern clothes. It doesn't take much elastane to squeeze your hips into a tight pair of trousers. But it can make all the difference in the world! 
Besides, women's sizes have changed dramatically in the past few generations. Some of the original vintage clothes have such tiny waists that they would be impossible to wear nowadays! 

How about vintage hair?
Your hair is, by far, your best accessory. If you're going all-in for the golden days, you want a proper 1940s look that matches your hair type. Did you know, for instance, that 1940s hairstyles were significantly different between women? We all know Rita Hayworth's pompadour style, but did you realise that Africa-American and Caribbean women preferred a smooth pageboy style? Your hair can set the era perfectly. If you're going all-natural, head for the freeing hairstyles of the 1970s that embrace natural curls, frizziness, and less is more. 

Are you ready for a little time-travel? Step into your TARDIS/wardrobe and get ready to recreate your favourite era. Sure, it may not change 2020, but it's guaranteed to put a smile on your lips. 

*Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post
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