Staying comfy in Denim (Sponsored)

Hey guys!

I hope you all are staying safe! So I'm back again with another collaboration with Femme Luxe and since it's warming up, I think we can pull out a few dresses that is comfortable enough to wear in these temperatures once its safe to go outside again. Luckily for this denim dress, you won't need to add anything more to this outfit as it speaks for itself, but a statement earring or ring will complete this look. For a dressed down look, white trainers with a small bum bag will work perfectly or for a more dressed up look, a statement animal print boot will look great!

I put together a few accessories ideas that I think will work perfectly together and hopefully that will give you a few ideas! 



Life Update

Hey guys.

First things first, Its great to see some new viewers on my blog so incase I haven't said so already - welcome to my blog!

I thought I would update you guys on a few things since I haven't been active much on blogger. I had quite a lot of exciting projects  lined up to share with you guys but with so much negativity going on all over the news right now with the Coronavirus, that put a big hit on my travel plans this year. There   has been many reports of cancellations of flights going into many affected countries and although I initially was still up for travelling - there was nothing I could do when they announced certain cancellations.

I still am so so disappointed and quite frustrated that because of this, it has affected thousands of peoples day-to-day livelihood.

This had definitely had a negative effect on my work ethic. I've been trying my best to fill my time with other things that I love doing but I have to admit, its been very difficult. At this time, social media can be really bad place to keep being reminded of all the fatalities that's going on in the world and quite frankly nothing really is being done about it here in the UK. I really hope that things do get better so that I can get back to catching flights and blogging the whole journey. 

Now, with my Journalism, I think it has been going ok-ish. I have taken part in something that I will be sure to let you all know and it is quite a big deal so at least on that part, I'm very grateful. But I'm always someone that wants to push myself further in my career and its still feels like a long long way to go.  

I guess there's no easy way to get to where you want to go as there will always be obstacles but I have faith that things will get better...it has to. I hope to update you guys soon on more positive things but in the mean time, take care! x

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