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Hey guys!

Talk about being cold outside! But that hasn't stopped me from dressing down. Its almost the end of the year and I'm sure some of you are thinking about your new years resolution, what to do next with careers& personal lives etc and theres nothing wrong with that!

So I thought it would be cool to channel that 'diva' vibe hence why the title of the post is called 'DIVA' ( Beyonce lyrics lol). I love experimenting with different styles and colours and this is something I'm definitely going to do more of in the future. Hope you like this Autumn/Winter inspired look & don't forget to follow me on all my socials!



Presenting in New York! + VIDEO

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Hey guys!

I've been really busy over the past week! If you don't already know, I've been doing some presenting in New York with Africax5.tv!

I spent 5 days in the big city doing some great interviews with bloggers, citizens and business owners in the US. I also got the chance to go around the streets of New York doing Vox Pops, which involves asking the public questions about trending topics in the US particularly to do with with race and culture. 

It was so interesting to get the publics opinion on topics that are not often spoken about openly. US politics can be confusing but I was so glad that Africax5.tv was able to make these topics more engaging for young people like myself to be interested in exploring it more.




Woke and Fly Clothing 

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Hey guys!

I've been really busy over the past week but its for a really good reason...I did some presenting in New York with Africax5.tv!

I was invited to present at the AFROPUNK Music Festival in downtown Brooklyn and it really showed the very essence of Afro & Punk at its best. Described as 'the most multicultural festival in the US' by The New York Times,  this festival is one of the first to celebrate people no matter what the ethic background or sexuality is... EVERYBODY should be treated equally.

I spoke to so many different people, some with businesses, some with amazing and out-of-the-box fashion styles and even those who came all the way from South Africa to join in with the festival spirit. 

The event has not only proven the positive forces when Africans, African - Americans or Black of any kinds unite, but celebrating multicultural food, businesses and fashion is where the magic begins to raise awareness of how important equality is and to help change the way these groups of people are viewed in the media. 

Its always been a dream of mine to visit downtown New York, the hood, the quirky hidden places that we only see in classic films like 'Friday' and 'Coming to America'. I'm so excited to share my trip with you guys so make sure to follow to ALL of my social medias so you don't miss out! Stay blessed xx





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I am a city girl, born and bred but its always nice getting out of the big city and exploring some natural beauty. One of those natural beauties is Kew Gardens

I remember coming here when I was around 7 years old for a school trip but seeing how it is now, nothing compares to it. There's thousands of exotic plants & flowers across this park. I was especially happy that I was able to take some amazing photos of the flowers...yes they are all my photography lol :)

If I ever get the chance, I may flex my photography muscles even further at the Museum Gardens in York. While there are many fun things to do in York, the registered botanical gardens contain a variety of spectacular and rare species of plants to explore. I quite fancy an afternoon of Vikings, ghost walks and gardens! But for now, I’ll stick to Kew!

If you're ever in London, or if you live in London, its worth a visit. But word of advise, wear some comfortable shoes as there is alot of walking! Also watch the KEW GARDENS VIDEO HERE to see what I got up to!




Current Trends : Off The Shoulder , Stripes & Florals

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Hey y'all! 

I hope you all are enjoying your summer. As hard as it is to stay positive in this day and age, it is the key to happiness. Surround yourself with loved ones who will be with you through your best and worst days, it really helps :)

BUT back to the slay lol. I was really excited to do this shoot...as most of you know I'm such a huge fan of vintage clothes so it was fun wearing clothes on trends.

Off -the-shoulder, Stripes and Florals have been the 'thing' this summer...literally every online store you click on has them. What better way to than to pair them up with a bodycon skirt and simple black heels. Its a classic look.

I also have a new video where I share my quick and easy tips on how to SLAY in your fashion blog...don't forget to check it out below!



Lights, Camera...Action! Vanity Shoot

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Hey readers!

This is something new right!

I was so excited to be invited down for a shoot with vanity studios along with my friends. It's not my first time getting a professional shoot done so I knew exactly what to expect. Thank God I had a day off work so it was nice doing something fun for a change.

The set looked really professional cool and the photographer was such fun to work with. I am usually used to more makeup than what the makeup artist put on for me so I guess you could say this is more of a 'natural' look.

Overall, it was a great day out with friends and would love to do it again!



BEACH GLOW ☀️ Trip to Southend-on-Sea

Hey guys!

What a great way to kick of the early summer days in the UK; Quick trip to the beach in Southend-on-Sea!

I went on a mini trip to Southend-on Sea with my sister and took a long relaxing stroll in City Beach. No wait it was pretty windy which is why my hair is blowing everywhere. It's actually my first time coming to Beach in England so was nice to get away for abit.

You're probably thinking does the UK, home to major cities actually have beaches? The answer is yes they do lol. No Palm Trees unfortunately but lots of pebbles and water. Temperatures have been reaching the high 20s so I just had to make the most of it.

Hope you're loving my beach glow! Have a watch of my new video below! xx

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