Graduation 2016

All photos taken by Florence Akano from AllmyHeartandSoul Photography

What a day to remember! 

After 3 long years of writing essays, assignments and sleeping late night after night after night  ( lol I'm sure you get the message) I can finally say I'm a Journalism graduate! 

Even though It was FREEZING, that didn't stop me from taking pictures with friends and family. Not to mention walking across the stage to collect the certificate...it really was amazing. 

Not only does did this mark the end of education for me but also a new chapter In my life. Whats next you may be asking? Well only time will tell but what I will say is that I will continue to strive to what I enjoy doing and even more reason to enjoy life! If you want to see more from the day, click on the link at the end of this post!

Untill next time xx


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