Student Film 'Sleep Tight'

Password: student

Hi again! Just thought I would upload a 'mini thriller' film opening that I have been working on in my group. As I'm doing A level Media Studies, we got the opportunity to shoot our own thriller opening. It was sooo much fun shooting it and I'm so glad I got to work with an amazing group. As we were all girls, we came up with the Idea of a girly-sleep over, the sort of films you will get in American films (which I love). I love acting, so it was extra special putting my acting skills on camera. This was last years work, right now, we are shooting a music video, which should be fun. I'm gonna miss the girls I worked with, and had a really great time. As they say, everything In life comes to an end :'(.

P.S I'm the one with the red PJ's 

Hope you enjoy the film! And have a great week!
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