Student Film 'Sleep Tight'

Password: student

Hi again! Just thought I would upload a 'mini thriller' film opening that I have been working on in my group. As I'm doing A level Media Studies, we got the opportunity to shoot our own thriller opening. It was sooo much fun shooting it and I'm so glad I got to work with an amazing group. As we were all girls, we came up with the Idea of a girly-sleep over, the sort of films you will get in American films (which I love). I love acting, so it was extra special putting my acting skills on camera. This was last years work, right now, we are shooting a music video, which should be fun. I'm gonna miss the girls I worked with, and had a really great time. As they say, everything In life comes to an end :'(.

P.S I'm the one with the red PJ's 

Hope you enjoy the film! And have a great week!


Riz said...

Buona sera Un saluto da Roma, Aspetto i Tuoi saluti Nel mio blog, per scambiarci delle idee, Riz.

Natalie Da Silva said...

Buonasera, ho visitato il tuo blog! si prega di seguire il mio blog in modo da poter scambiare idee

Riz said...

ciao buongiorno riz

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