Golden Lion Awards 2023

Photo credit: Photography by Zee

Hey! It's been a while but I'm back with some exciting news... I covered the red carpet at the Golden Lion Awards! I was super excited (and a bit nervous) to get back out in the events 'scene' but boy did I enjoy myself. Speaking to so many talented people from actors to artists, it truly felt like a celebration of the community. The Charles Golden Trust hosted this years awards to "reward people, groups, brands and organisations across the UK, who have gone on to do amazing things and have inspired excellence". 

Many times, people with inspiring platforms that promote positivity go under the radar and don't get the recognition they deserve. So, the Golden Lion Awards champions these individuals to give them that platform and network to create an even stronger community of like minded people and I had the pleasure of speaking with them all!

Speaking with TV personality Kéllé Bryan. Photo by Photography by Zee

Speaking with Kayas Irshad, Actor, Producer & Director. Watch his doccumentary 'Stop The Bullying'

Speaking with Anuska from urban pop band RARA LOUD.

Watch the red carpet interviews from the Golden Lion Awards 2023 below!




Panty Buns said...

Great interviews! I loved watching the video and also love the beautiful red carpet photography by Zuleika ( @By_Zeee ) of the the lovely couture.
The complementary contrast between the lovely purple couture being worn on the red carpet by Rara Loud's Anuska and the green maxi-dress you were wearing whilst doing these fascinating interviews looked very pretty.

My blog: https://full-brief-panties.blogspot.com/

Natalie Da Silva said...

Thank you so much!!

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