GIRLS TRIP TO GREECE highlights + travel vlog

Hey guys! You know its been a minute since I've travelled so I'm excited to share my first EVER girls trip! I've travelled a lot with family but there is always a different vibe when you travel with friends. I must say that this is probably the first trip I've been on where someone else has taken on the role as the organiser of the group and it felt great! From the plane ride to the journey to our hotel, everything ran smoothly. 

First and foremost, the people in Rhodes, Greece were super friendly and welcoming. Luckily for us, the only crowds we saw were only at the resort but everywhere else was pretty much empty. As it was April, the weather was not terrible but it definitely could have been better! It did rain a little but I'm really glad we still managed to get some sunshine and a taste of what summer feels like - it been so long since we've seen that! (UK people can relate!).

As glamorous as a girls trip sounds, it's so important travel with friends who you really get on with and ones that are on similar vibes to you. I think because of that, it really made my trip so much more fun and exciting.

Before even coming to Greece, my travel buddies were on the same page and we all agreed that we just needed a nice chilled holiday. No wild nights out, no crazy excursions, just pure vibes. This was so important to us as we had just come from a busy work schedule so the last thing we wanted was a jammed packed holiday. So if you're thinking to come to Rhodes this year, it definitely will be great to come during summer and with loved ones or even solo! ;)

I hope you enjoy the rest of the 'behind-the-scenes' pictures of my holiday!

Holiday Spa Message, Evita Resort Hotel.
 Nudist Beach

 Old Town, Rhodes

Watch the Girls Trip To Greece Travel Vlog here 



Ivana Split said...

It seems like girls have had a great time in Greece.
I would love to visit Greece some day. I heard it was a lot like Croatia (where I'm from).

Natalie Da Silva said...

Aww yeah it was really lovely! You definitely should visit Greece when you can, especially during spring/summer. I'm sure you will love it and it's nice to hear you're from Croatia!

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