Fashion Show at UEL

               Images by Barbara Doux (C), collection by UEL Fashion Design students
Hey guys! How have you been? I hope you're all good. I've been away for a few months and it feels weird being back on blogger. I thought I will let you know about the fashion show that took place at the University of East London.

 I was invited to model for the garments the students have designed and created . I must admit, I was freaking out backstage  but I slowly started to enjoy it. In fact, I really did enjoy  the show despite the hectic atmosphere backstage. I thought the clothes were amazing and the patterns and designs were very interesting and eccentric. There were many more photos of other students work, but obviously for legal reason I can't put it up on blogger. But yeah, overall It was a great experience in what the modelling industry is like, especially catwalk modelling. My advice? Its not all glamorous and easy as it seems!  It requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Maybe one day I will do modelling professionally...



  1. You shy? Pshhh stop that! You look amazing tho

  2. That's so cool that you got to model, you look great!

  3. you look super awesome. youre so cute!

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  4. you look good

  5. You look gorgeous and should definately Look into modelling profesionally and im so so in love with those clothes in the first picture they literally look incredible Awesome post! xo

  6. Wow this is dope! It's so cool that you were able to be a model for a runway show, how many people get to say they did that? Lol, you look really gorgeous madame :)

  7. lool aw thank you! Muuuch appreciated x

  8. cool and stunning !! ♥


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