When you think of African Fashion, what comes to mind? Is it the vibrant colours that can be seen a mile away? Or the unique set of patterns that dominate the fabrics? Whichever it may be, Africa Fashion Week London is back for its 8th annual event!

Being a part of Africa Fashion Week London was every inch of a cultural celebration of African fashion, art and beauty. Hosted at the Freemasons  Hall in London, Africa Fashion Week London showcased hundreds of unique and vibrant collections from designers across the globe.

Photography | Pat Lyttle 
Blazer |  Afrodite 
Shoes | Boohoo 

It was my second time coming to this event and I was honoured to interview models, designers, stylists and the public at the event to get a glimpse of what its like for them to be a part of one of Europe's largest fashion events that celebrates the African culture. Across the historic hallways was filled with the public who seemed intrigued and excited to experience stands with traditional style Liputa (which is the name given to the patterned fabric from D.R. Congo) and other African materials all out on display in eye-catching designs of bikinis, evening gowns, day dress and more.

With platforms like Africa Fashion Week London, it was a vital way to bring to light the beauty that originates in one of the second largest continent in the world. Living in London, most of us are fortunate enough to be spoiled for choice when it comes to the Africa market from traditional food, clothes and beauty products. So after a successful weekend of Africa Fashion Week London, the futures seems vibrant for a more diverse and  and inclusive industry which has been (and still is) dominated by the western world. It's events like this that ensure that Africa is celebrated and promoted on a global scale to create an everlasting impact of how Africa is perceived. 

The event concluded with the famous catwalk, putting on a display with hundreds of unique pieces, each designer bringing their own flavour and inspiration to their collections. Nothing was short of the imagination when it came to showcasing what Africa fashion is in 2018.   


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The bigger and better the name of the fashion show, the bigger and better the goodie bag they will hand out.

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Hey, Great Info. Would love if you could share some insight into the upcoming Berlin Fashion Week 2019 as well.

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